"Our democracy is increasingly being taken over by big money and that's wrong...
...We need to occupy democracy."
- Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor.
07 Dec

Time Magazine Declares Occupy Wall Street as Top News Story of the Year

Published by Erin Hofteig

Earlier today, Time magazine released their rankings for the top news stories of the year, and Occupy Wall Street topped the list:

Top Ten U.S. News Stories:
1. Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread
By Ishaan Tharoor

07 Dec

"Why I Occupy" - Stories from the 99%

Published by Erin Hofteig

Last week, we went to a local action of the DC Occupy movement and spoke with some of the participants. Here is one story from the 99%.

06 Dec

Protesting Eric Cantor's Big Money Fundraiser

Published by Adam Smith

When Congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va.) arrived at a fundraiser for his leadership PAC tonight at Lincoln restaurant in Washington, D.C., he had quite the red carpet rolled out for him.

Here’s what he and his lobbyist friends saw outside:

05 Dec

After Occupy D.C. Marches On Democratic Fundraiser, Rep. Donna Edwards Says It’s Time To Occupy America

Published by Erin Hofteig

Last night, the protesters at Occupy D.C. marched on a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in downtown Washington, D.C. The protesters were taking aim at the role of Big Money in politics, as the fundraiser “was charging from $5,000 to $75,000 for a seat,” certainly a price tag out of the range of the ordinary citizen.

15 Nov

Statement in response to Zuccotti Park Eviction

Published by Adam Smith

Washington, D.C.--Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) released the following statement today in response to the eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park.

From David Donnelly, national campaigns director: