"Our democracy is increasingly being taken over by big money and that's wrong...
...We need to occupy democracy."
- Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor.

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16 Dec

Why I Occupy - Corporate Personhood

Published by Erin Hofteig

On Wednesday, members of the Occupy DC group protested the influence of money in politics outside of a large dollar fundraiser for Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney. The donors, who paid up to $10,000 for a plate at the downtown resturant - located only three blocks from the Occupy DC encampment, had to walk through the protest to enter the event and were asked for contributions to support the 99% on their way in.

14 Dec

Occupy Mitt Romney

Published by Erin Hofteig

Earlier this evening, members of the Occupy DC group gathered in front of the Lincoln resturant in Washington DC to protest at the entrance of a large dollar "young proffesional" fundraising event for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

12 Dec

The 99% Occupy Congress

Published by Erin Hofteig

Last week thousands of people came from across the country to talk to Congressmembers about the problems they are facing as part of the 99%. Check out the video below and sign up to be part of the Occupy Democracy movement today.


You can get more information on the entire week of actions at SEIU.org

10 Dec

"Why I Occupy" - Stories from the 99%

Published by Erin Hofteig

In our second installment of videos from participants of the Occupy DC movement one member talks local issues and what the future brings for the occupation.

09 Dec

Money in Politics: Faith leader calls out influence of lobbyists

Published by Erin Hofteig

After a long week of marching, attempting to meet with their Congressperson, and camping out on the Mall as part of the Labor Movement's The 99% Take Back the Capitol, a prayer vigil, organized by Faith Advocates for Jobs, was held in front of the capitol and attended by more than 1,000 people from around the country.