Golden Calves and Constitutional Amendments

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16 Dec
Published by Erin Hofteig

A few updates related to the Occupy Movement and Money in Politics:

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet:

The Occupy movement has recognized that corporate interests and the wealthiest people have heavily tilted the electoral system through massive campaign expenditures on behalf of candidates of both parties who are willing to do their bidding. Through their campaign cash and well-funded lobbyists, these interests have effectively taken control of our political process. As one deeply involved in that process, I find it stunning to see how deep and pervasive the corporate influence has become.

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Occupy DC gets press all the way over in India from the hindustan times:

Some 30 "Occupy DC" protesters took their anti-corporate demonstration to the corridors of the US Congress, toting a "golden calf" made from papier mache to symbolize lawmakers' subservience to moneyed interests.

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The Huffington Post features Mark Green and his thoughts on the Occupy Movement's impact on a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo

Nothing could enhance American democracy more than if Occupy Wall Street helped enact the 28th Constitutional Amendment to end the pretense that corporations are people who speak with money. The 99% can stop the privatization of government.

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