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17 Dec

Quote of the Day

Published by Adam Smith

"The 1% get most of the luxuries our planet has to offer — but democracy is a necessity, and they shouldn't be allowed to own that too."
- Bill McKibben,, on the need for public financing of elections.

Read the full article in the Los Angeles Times.

06 Dec

Protesting Eric Cantor's Big Money Fundraiser

Published by Adam Smith

When Congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va.) arrived at a fundraiser for his leadership PAC tonight at Lincoln restaurant in Washington, D.C., he had quite the red carpet rolled out for him.

Here’s what he and his lobbyist friends saw outside:

15 Nov

Statement in response to Zuccotti Park Eviction

Published by Adam Smith

Washington, D.C.--Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) released the following statement today in response to the eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park.

From David Donnelly, national campaigns director:

07 Nov

The only candidate who gets it?

Published by Adam Smith

"I stand by you." Republican presidential candidate, former Gov. Buddy Roemer, issued a statement yesterday coming out in support of the fast-growing Occupy Wall Street movement.

07 Nov

Occupy Demands include ending our pay-to-play system

Published by Adam Smith

The Occupy Wall Street working group on policy released its list of demands in October. The first three deal directly with our pay-to-play political system.