"Our democracy is increasingly being taken over by big money and that's wrong...
...We need to occupy democracy."
- Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor.

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26 Dec

News - What follows

Published by Erin Hofteig

On Friday CBS News posted an opinion post on their website that takes a look at the Occupy movement and what has been achieved as what as what could follow. It's an interesting read, that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of the weekend. Here is a small excerpt:

21 Dec

Why I Occupy - Political Contributions

Published by Erin Hofteig

Many people believe money in politics is corrupting our government and giving those who can make large contributions more power than the general population. This video features one member of the Occupy DC movement who spoke out against big money in politics (at Mitt Romney's large dollar fundraiser last week). 

19 Dec

Why I Occupy - Money in Politics

Published by Erin Hofteig

The Occupy DC protest of Mitt Romney's large dollar fundraiser last week provided a stark background for those who believe money in politics is a problem in our democracy. This video features one member of Occupy DC at that event and his thoughts on this issue.

17 Dec

Quote of the Day

Published by Adam Smith

"The 1% get most of the luxuries our planet has to offer — but democracy is a necessity, and they shouldn't be allowed to own that too."
- Bill McKibben, 350.org, on the need for public financing of elections.

Read the full article in the Los Angeles Times.

16 Dec

Golden Calves and Constitutional Amendments

Published by Erin Hofteig

A few updates related to the Occupy Movement and Money in Politics:

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet: